Why the name ‘serpentine solutions’?

The serpent is a truly ancient symbol.  Serpents were some of the very earliest creatures on our planet that humans encountered and had to live with. Scientists believe that the danger posed by snakes propelled the evolution of humans, such as improved vision, enabling humans to detect danger.
The duality between positive and negative is also inherent in the nature of business and relationships, and how we navigate it informs the quality of our lives. Without the negatives we would never grow and develop or appreciate the positives. In fact, we believe that integrity and wholeness are core to a meaningful life and so we embrace the positive and the negative as part of the whole that is our human experience.
The serpent is also found in mythology. There are two serpents coiled around the rod of Hermes – a Greek god of trade and business. He and the rod are associated with commerce and negotiation and the snakes symbolise the need for balance. Snakes are also associated with healing and one is found coiled around the rod of Aesculapius and is a famous symbol of medicine.
The serpent further represents the idea of growth and renewal. Snakes shed their skin as they increase in size. Metaphorically, the shedding of the old skin represents letting go of old ways of thinking or acting that no longer serve us. The new skin underneath is fresh and symbolises new beginnings. For Serpentine Solutions this resonates deeply as we hope that our workshops will lead to a shedding of old unhelpful beliefs and behaviours in favour of something new that can best serve better business relationships.
In many cultures the vital energy (called kundalini by some) is represented by a snake coiled at the base of our spine. As we connect to this energy we tap into a power source which has been lying dormant, waiting for us to awaken it so that we can balance the masculine and feminine energies within. Too long have the feminine energies and traits of intuition, compassion and emotion been suppressed in business. At Serpentine Solutions we believe that the masculine and feminine energies are equally important and that it is time for business to find a better balance that includes both the best aspects of the masculine and feminine characteristics.


Our values

At Serpentine our core values are compassion, generosity, personal growth, openness and integrity. We also appreciate that life can be challenging and uncertain and that a well-developed sense of humour does wonders.

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