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This 6-step leadership method fosters a winning workplace culture
To create a workplace culture that engages and motivates employees, leaders must make personal development a top priority. READ MORE >>

Next-generation organizations – 11 beliefs of people within
The call for agile, self-organized organizations is such a step towards a new stage of development. A new generation of organizations is currently evolving. READ MORE >>

Comic contracts – contracts in pictures that are legally binding
A South African lawyer, Robert de Rooy has created a new form of contract that uses the format of illustrated pictures to lay out the terms for each … READ MORE >>

'Designing contracts that recognize and address the greater good - for society and for the parties' own relationship - is not just forward thinking, it is vital for the practice of law in the new reality of digital-speed, globally connected communities and enterprises.'
Discovering Agreement, Linda Alvarez
The culture of an organization is defined by the values that are lived by the leaders, ...; not necessarily by the values the company says it espouses but by the values that show up in everyday interactions ...
The Values-Driven Organization, Richard Barrett