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We believe that relationships are at the heart of everything.
The quality of our relationships determines the quality of the life we lead.
That also holds true for business:
 better relationships build better businesses.

Our personal values determine how we behave in relationships and likewise an organisation’s values inform the corporate culture and determine how its members conduct their business. Exploring these values takes one to the heart of business relationships that are aligned and purposeful. Exploration alone is not enough. We all know from experience that relationships also depend on effective communication.

As lawyers and conflict resolution specialists we have seen this in acute detail and our experience has given us a deep insight into what could have been done better or differently to de-escalate or prevent a conflict.

We have developed a workshop that crystallises the insights we have gained. Although our focus is on founders and entrepreneurs, anyone who works closely with another person or group of persons to achieve a mutually desired outcome will benefit from our approach. It uses values in a transformative way to build business relationships that are more coherent and have integrity, thus helping an organisation to fulfil its purpose and act in alignment, especially when addressing change and engaging disagreement.

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Building better business relationships with integrity

Better relationships build better businesses. Our workshop can help you build a business relationship of mutual understanding, openness and integrity.



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'Designing contracts that recognize and address the greater good - for society and for the parties' own relationship - is not just forward thinking, it is vital for the practice of law in the new reality of digital-speed, globally connected communities and enterprises.'
Discovering Agreement, Linda Alvarez
The culture of an organization is defined by the values that are lived by the leaders, ...; not necessarily by the values the company says it espouses but by the values that show up in everyday interactions ...
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